A. Pagaltzis skribis 2006-09-20 22:29 (+0200):
> * Fagyal Csongor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-09-20 17:00]:
> > I am afraid that when I will be starting to write Perl6 code,
> > it will be too much Perl5-ish,
> Even with a style guide, your Perl 6 code will still be
> Perl-5-ish. And even once it???s not anymore, six months later you
> will discover that it???s not really Perl-6-ish either. Until you
> become fluent in the language, your code is going to be less
> elegant than it could be. A style guide can give you a bag of
> broad hints for the most obvious things, but fluency is something
> that comes from practice, and that inevitably takes time.

I've been thinking in Perl 6 terms for quite a while now, and while Pugs
hasn't implemented enough to bring life to all my ideas, I do notice
that there is a sharp distinction between "Perl 5"-ishness and "Perl
6"-ishness. A good example is the way you thought about param's dual
function in terms of arity/context, while my first thought nowadays is
to use a type that simply implements two kinds of access. With all due
respect, I already consider the former old fashioned :)

A style guide is very hard to write. It indeed boils down to fluency.
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