Richard Hainsworth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>Steffen said:
>>Maybe an additional
>> use perl5:Wx::SimpleApp;
> Tried it. Doesnt work. 

In the meantime I tried my guess and also had to learn that. See also
my experiments in my other answer.

> *However, surely a perl6 program using a perl5 module should not
> require a more complex calling structure/approach than the
> equivalent perl5 module.
> Hence if
> use Wx;
> is sufficient for a perl5 program to find Wx::SimpleApp and Wx::Frame
> packages (namespaces), then
> use perl5:Wx;
> should be sufficient for a perl6 program.
> No??

Of course you are right ... in a finished perfect world. But currently
we have not yet arrived. Therefore I deduced my guess from the known
issues with using Perl5-from-Perl6 regarding export/import.

And when you write "use Wx;" and get all other packages "en passant",
then Wx does some of that Exporter stuff. So Wx is a maybe a rather
hard test for Perl5 integration.

Did you have success using other Perl5 modules?

I'm not sure about your target. If you want to learn Perl5
integration, maybe try something easier first.

If you explicitly just need it with Wx, then maybe you still have to
wait some time or find someone from the Pugs coders who might help.

Maybe we should write a little test in the Pugs repository for that
behaviour. Without Wx but with that indirect package export/import
that Wx does. I'm just not sure where it belongs. Maybe near
t/perl5/import.t --> go for it, if you dare. :-)

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