use perl5:Wx::SimpleApp;
but the compiler complained it could not find

GUI packages, which are wrappers around C classes, seem to use all the techniques of perl5. I dont understand them to find out what is going on, or to isolate what the error so as to put it into a test.

In general, it seems to me that for there to be "full" use of perl5 modules in perl6, the useage in perl6 should be the same as in perl5 (bar the minor changes in syntax). Thus if
use Wx;
is sufficient in perl5 for Wx::SimpleApp to be a recognised namespace in the program and for the compiler to know where to go to get Wx::SimpleApp->new, then in perl6 the same should be true, viz.,
use perl5:Wx;



Steffen Schwigon wrote:
Richard Hainsworth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
use perl5:Wx;
my $app =;
my $, -1, 'Hello world!');

The following is the result:
$pugs wxtest.p6
*** No compatible subroutine found: "&Wx::SimpleApp"
   at wxtest.p6 line 2, column 1-28

Is the perl6 wrong?

I have also tested
use perl5:Wx <SimpleApp>;

Maybe an additional

 use perl5:Wx::SimpleApp;

? I'm just guessing...


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