This thread originated on perl6.compiler (see either of the links below), but 
it pertains to earlier discussions on perl6.users, so I'm continuing here.

Here's an abbreviated summary:

Mark J. Reed Mark wrote:

> .cgi?  Is that really a CGI-based implementation?  Because
> that seems a little, I don't know, backward-looking.  Maybe
> it's just me, but it seems like it will just feed the
> all-too-common perception that Perl is for CGI scripts, and
> "real" web apps need to be written in something else (be it
> Java, PHP, Ruby/Rails, whatever).
> Besides, I hope that the language and wiki will be
> successful enough that a cgi-based implementation will
> completely fail to scale to meet demand. :)

Gabor Szabo wrote:

> Maybe the site maintainers could add an Apache rewrite rule
> so the URLs used by the public will be
> and
> That would change the perception and we would not need to
> explain about mod_perl running the .cgi scripts at the rate
> 100-200 faster than good old CGI.
> When asked if they really run on Perl 6 and Parrot we could
> just smile...

chromatic wrote:

> It's not a *bad* idea, but it's less important in my mind
> than getting useful information on the wiki.  Anyone who
> wants to pursue it can do so, but I'd like to forestall a
> long digression on the [perl6.compiler] list about it.
> That's all.

Since my role was limited to originally lobbying for a Perl 6 wiki (and 
initially filling it out), I'm completely out of the loop on the above issues 
(and they probably seem overly-trivial to me because I'm still mainly concerned 
with Perl 6 wiki content, organization, and availability). 

However, given that the Perl 6 wiki now exists, and that first impressions are 
often important (especially for other people that might be early adapters or 
might help with Perl 6 development, at least in this particular case), the 
above issues may be something that others here may want to pursue. 

I'm all for anything that can help stack the odds in favor of eventual 
"accelerated Moore's Law" success for Perl 6.

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker

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