Richard Hainsworth wrote:

May I suggest the following extension to the 'use ' pragma, viz.
use <module name written in unicode and case sensitive> in <filename as constrained by local system>

Without wanting to sound too stupid - why not delegate the decision to a class/resource loader of some manner, specify your resources as '[some unique charactor sequence uniquly identifying a module and version such as a the string form of a URI - ie not using the URI as a pointer to an online resource, just as a unique sequence of charactors]' and leave it up to the class/resource loader where it gets it from?

That way for prototyping code you just say use and some wierd derivitave of CPAN and a resource loader can automatically go to some library resource, find out where it is, and get it for you and cache it. You probably wouldn't want this to be default behavour though.

For live code you could use a loader that only uses the local file system. For an application you may only want to check inside the aggregated package your distribution comes in ( ie a tar.gz or zip file )

And the programmer wouldn't have to give a monkeys about the syntax because retreiving the resource would be left to the class/resource loader.

Note - after scanning through the thread some of this seems similar to David Greens post about a proper library-manager...


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