On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 11:52:44PM +0200, Moritz Lenz wrote:
> Conrad Schneiker wrote:
> > Also, please consider referring people to the Perl 6 wiki (and
> > any relevant subsections thereof) for more information when
> > writing things that may get wider attention beyond the immediate
> > Perl 6 community.
> and if you find things on http://dev.perl.org/perl6/ to be wrong or
> outdated, feel free to contact me, and I'll send a patch to our webmasters.
> I tried to update the most important parts (without being too
> intrusive), but it's surely not complete.

The biggest things I notice:

- The link to the Perl 6 Wiki on http://dev.perl.org/perl6/ is broken
  (it's an xrl.us link that takes me to a totally unrelated Herald-Sun 

- The sidebar links should be updated.  It might be good to update
  the "Talks", "Who's Who", and "Status" links to point to the
  appropriate pages on the Perl 6 wiki.

- Along the same lines, it might be nice to have the "Perl 6 FAQ"
  on the wiki instead of the static (and somewhat out of date)
  page we have now.  Also, the Perl 6 wiki has a link to an
  excellent (perhaps slightly out of date) FAQ at
  http://www.programmersheaven.com/2/Perl6-FAQ .  Perhaps
  we could arrange with Jonathan and/or Programmers Heaven
  to get some of those items migrated to the wiki for easy

- The copyright date is given as 2005.  :-)

Hope this helps,


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