While TPF is working through the various issues for how to
expediently handle earmarked grants, it occurred to me that once
that is in place, sponsoring (for example) an Indian CS grad
student to revive the weekly "This Week in Perl 6" summaries
would another one of the many small-scale things that individuals
or small businesses could support.

In the mean time, to partly fill this weekly update gap, there
are a couple of places that you can direct people to that
together serve a very crudely analogous role.

(1) I’ve added the Rakudo.org RSS headline summaries to the
bottom of the Perl 6 wiki, which typically show the most recent
few postings of chromatic’s weekly "Perl 6 Design Minutes":


(2) I also try to keep the Perl 6 wiki's list of articles and
presentations up to date:


Please consider adding any good presentations that you see (or
that you create) to that list (or send me a link and I'll do it
for you).

Also, please consider referring people to the Perl 6 wiki (and
any relevant subsections thereof) for more information when
writing things that may get wider attention beyond the immediate
Perl 6 community.


Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker


Official Perl 6 Wiki — http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl6 
Official Parrot Wiki — http://www.perlfoundation.org/parrot 

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