On Sun, 12 Oct 2008, Moritz Lenz wrote:

I would like to use an official CGI.pm, if one is available.

Please forget about the "official". Perl 6 will hopefully have multiple
implementations, and they are all "official" if they pass the test suite.

From what I've gathered so far, Perl 6 core will only be shipped with
the modules needed to install more modules, for which CGI certainly
isn't needed.

Just as a word of explanation for Elyse, the reasoning I saw behind this was, if we ship it with few enough modules, Systems Administrators will be forced to choose the modules they need, rather than just installing the basics and never installing anything else. What I (wearing my Sysadmin hat) predict will happen is that someone will bundle them into "distros" (much like the Linux distros), and sysadmins will select a distro instead of going with the bare bones.


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