On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 9:06 PM, Geoffrey Broadwell <ge...@broadwell.org> wrote:
> It does bring up a question, though.  What if pid_file_handler() needed
> to be broken into three or more pieces, thus containing multiple yield
> statements?  Does only the first one return a continuation object, which
> can be called repeatedly to continue after each yield like this?

IMO, that's not much better than not having the explicit continuation
object in the first place.  A true continuation should essentially be
an immutable value object that can be repeatedly invoked to resume
processing at the same point.

>        my &more_pid_stuff := pid_file_handler($pid_file);

How does binding work with an rvalue like that?

> Or does each yield produce a fresh new continuation object like this?

That would definitely be my vote.

Mark J. Reed <markjr...@gmail.com>

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