I posted an email to per6-all asking about how one should go about reporting bugs. That message has appeared on the list.

So again: how can bugs be reported?

There was a suggestion by PM for people to try out perl6 on some real software, and the scripting completion tasks were suggested.

So I followed the suggestion, and found what seem to be some bugs in matching. After looking very carefully at the wiki, I could not find out where to report the bugs. It would seem to be useful if bugs (or problems in running perl6) are to be reported for there to be some guidance on how this should be done in the 'Get Involved' part of the wiki.

Eventually, I found reference to perlbug and opened an account. But I cant find a way to submit a bug.

Some requests:
a) When I strike a bug, perl6 (rakudo) dumps alot. Could this behaviour be modified with a verbose option on the perl6 command line?

b) Also, what needs to be stated? I used svn to download the latest parrot. So, I should be stating the latest revision number. "perl6 -v" doesnt provide this.

I was going to describe the bugs, but I just checked the test results in S05 and found the things I cant get working are not yet implemented.

There isnt any table of these anywhere. Could we get one?

Patrick! Do you want feed back about things that cant be done, but should be done?

If so, I would like to have m:i/ / and m/ a {say 'yes'} /


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