On Sun, Jan 04, 2009 at 05:20:56PM +0300, Richard Hainsworth wrote:
> I posted an email to per6-all asking about how one should go about  
> reporting bugs. That message has appeared on the list.
> So again: how can bugs be reported?

See the "Reporting bugs" section of README file in languages/perl6.

(Honestly, I don't know why we call such files "README", since nobody
ever does.  I think I'll rename the file to "IGNOREME" -- maybe it'll
get some attention then. :-)

> Eventually, I found reference to perlbug and opened an account. But I  
> cant find a way to submit a bug.
> Some requests:
> a) When I strike a bug, perl6 (rakudo) dumps alot. Could this behaviour  
> be modified with a verbose option on the perl6 command line?

I'm working on this.  Parrot doesn't give us a lot of control over
backtrace behavior at the moment -- it's either all-or-nothing.
I might implement a switch somewhere.

> b) Also, what needs to be stated? I used svn to download the latest  
> parrot. So, I should be stating the latest revision number. "perl6 -v"  
> doesnt provide this.

We haven't come up with a good way to fetch the latest revision number
for use with a -v option to perl6.  If you know of one (and that will 
work even if someone obtains Rakudo via tarball or git or a non-svn
mechanism), we can certainly add it.

> I was going to describe the bugs, but I just checked the test results in  
> S05 and found the things I cant get working are not yet implemented.
> There isnt any table of these anywhere. Could we get one?


Feel free to modify this list.

> Patrick! Do you want feed back about things that cant be done, but  
> should be done?
> If so, I would like to have m:i/ / and m/ a {say 'yes'} /

m:i/ ... /  can currently be done with  /:i ... / .

Getting closures to work inside of regexes is a bit tricky at the
moment, because it implies that PGE (our regex engine) has to
know how to call the Perl 6 parser and do the right thing with
whatever it gets back.  That's coming in the not-too-distant
future, but it's by no means "trivial" to implement.


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