Hej Lars,

Lars (>):
> I do not know Perl at all, but I'm very interested in perl6.
> My problem is I do not find a good tutorial how to do real perl6
> development, all I find seems to assume you know perl5 and the perl
> community. And I do not.

That's an interesting question! I guess most of the people heavily
involved in Perl 6 are also quite familiar with Perl 5. Since people
scratch mostly their own itches, not much "Perl 6 for newcomers".

I'd recomment the "Perl 6 Programmin" wikibook,


but unfortunately it's still in its very early stages, and
unfortunately its owner writes slightly unidiomatic Perl 6 code.

> As an example I like to build a routine that connects to SAP and fetch data
> from SAP. I know there are SAP-Perl5 routines, can those be used? how do I
> find and use them? etc.
> It is even hard to find someone to ask?

I would recommend that you start by visiting #perl6 on
irc.freenode.net -- the people there can often provide detailed
answers and help newcomers. During European daytime, it's not hard to
find someone to ask.

As to CPAN modules in Rakudo Perl 6 -- if that's what you're asking
about -- we're not quite there yet. It'll be really sweet once we are,
but I think integrating the Perl 5 and 6 runloops is fairly

> Yeah, I know Perl6 isn't ready yet, but it looks really really good and I'm
> eager to learn perl6, but not by learning perl5 first if possible.

I think you represent a very important target group for Perl 6: it
shouldn't be necessary to have prior knowledge of Perl 5 in order to
learn Perl 6.

At present, however, tutorials and documentation are sorely lacking.
During the summer, we'll be fleshing out U4X, a documentation effort
which aims to explain all aspects of Perl 6 to newcomers. But it's not
summer yet, so the best tip I can give you is to tap the brains of the
nice people over at #perl6.

// Carl

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