Hi Lars,

let me add to what Carl wrote that think the blogs of Moritz Lenz
are quite good http://perlgeek.de/blog-en/perl-5-to-6/ but admittedly they
are for Perl 5 programmers.

I also started to write an publish my Perl 6 training slides.
It is very early and basic but you are welcome to fetch them, read them and ask
questions. Those questions will help me flesh out what's missing.
My material should not assume prior experience with Perl.

In addition I've just started a newsletter called "Perl 6 Tricks and
Treats" that
you might or might not find interesting.

Both can be found on http://szabgab.com/perl6.html

Last, but probably most important there is going to be a Perl Workshop in Oslo
next months with lots of Perl 6 talks from some of the most knowledgeable people
in the field http://www.perlworkshop.no/

After that, there is going to be a one day hands-on perl 6 training
and a perl 6 hackathon
where you can practice what you've learned.

If you have time, its worth attending.


On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 11:51 AM, Carl Mäsak <cma...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hej Lars,
> Lars (>):
>> I do not know Perl at all, but I'm very interested in perl6.
>> My problem is I do not find a good tutorial how to do real perl6
>> development, all I find seems to assume you know perl5 and the perl
>> community. And I do not.
> That's an interesting question! I guess most of the people heavily
> involved in Perl 6 are also quite familiar with Perl 5. Since people
> scratch mostly their own itches, not much "Perl 6 for newcomers".
> I'd recomment the "Perl 6 Programmin" wikibook,
>  <http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Perl_6_Programming>
> but unfortunately it's still in its very early stages, and
> unfortunately its owner writes slightly unidiomatic Perl 6 code.
>> As an example I like to build a routine that connects to SAP and fetch data
>> from SAP. I know there are SAP-Perl5 routines, can those be used? how do I
>> find and use them? etc.
>> It is even hard to find someone to ask?
> I would recommend that you start by visiting #perl6 on
> irc.freenode.net -- the people there can often provide detailed
> answers and help newcomers. During European daytime, it's not hard to
> find someone to ask.
> As to CPAN modules in Rakudo Perl 6 -- if that's what you're asking
> about -- we're not quite there yet. It'll be really sweet once we are,
> but I think integrating the Perl 5 and 6 runloops is fairly
> nontrivial.
>> Yeah, I know Perl6 isn't ready yet, but it looks really really good and I'm
>> eager to learn perl6, but not by learning perl5 first if possible.
> I think you represent a very important target group for Perl 6: it
> shouldn't be necessary to have prior knowledge of Perl 5 in order to
> learn Perl 6.
> At present, however, tutorials and documentation are sorely lacking.
> During the summer, we'll be fleshing out U4X, a documentation effort
> which aims to explain all aspects of Perl 6 to newcomers. But it's not
> summer yet, so the best tip I can give you is to tap the brains of the
> nice people over at #perl6.
> Regards,
> // Carl

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