On Mon, 16 Mar 2009 09:51:10 -0400, Guy Hulbert <gwhulb...@eol.ca> wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-16-03 at 14:34 +0100, Carl Mäsak wrote:
>> Form is still in its early stages, but is already showing great
>> promise. Consider downloading it and trying it out, or even
>> contributing. 
> Very cool.  This gives me a reason to play with Rakudo.
> What about starting from Build.PL rather than Makefile.PL (even if it
> starts as a make-wrapper) ?

It might make more sense. I think the question of best practice for Perl 6
libraries is still being determined. At the moment the intention is just to
make sure it can be used either directly or using proto, so it's got the
kind of build system that proto expects. I guess this kind of thing is one
of the things that'll come out of talking about how CPAN6 will work.

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