On Mon, 2009-16-03 at 14:00 +0000, Matthew Walton wrote:
> > What about starting from Build.PL rather than Makefile.PL (even if
> it
> > starts as a make-wrapper) ?
> It might make more sense. I think the question of best practice for Perl 6
> libraries is still being determined. At the moment the intention is just to

Best practice for Perl 5 is TMTOWTDI, which is fairly frustrating.

I see:

Module::Install is really clever but no-one seems to be using it.  So I
chose Build.PL.

Module::Build can be induced to auto-create a Makefile.PL (although I've
managed to break that ;-), which Debian perl-policy seems to require.

So IMNAAHO*, Build.PL is the way to go.

* NAA = not at all

> make sure it can be used either directly or using proto, so it's got the
> kind of build system that proto expects. I guess this kind of thing is one
> of the things that'll come out of talking about how CPAN6 will work. 

Doing is a good way to make a statement and git gives you all the
flexibility you should need.


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