Stephen Weeks writes:

> The main association for me, with the reference to the anarchist
> symbol, is that we've kept going and produced something good despite
> the large sentiment of "You're taking too long, you'll never succeed,
> etc." out there.  Others include the somewhat chaotic state of Perl 6
> development at times, the loose and informal organization in Perl 6
> development, etc.

I see what you're getting at there, but obviously if chosen the logo
would be seen by people who're unaware of your explanation of the
analogy, and so there's a risk they'd see a more literal link with a
particular political movement.

That could cause some awkwardness in getting Perl 6 accepted by those
with different political persuasions.  Perl 6 has no political views
(well, outside the narrow field of programming language design, which
isn't considered a field of politics by most major parties), so it
wouldn't be beneficial to give the perception of any poliical links,
even inadvertently.


> Just an idea.  Please discuss.
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