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On Wed, 2009-03-18 at 16:43 +0100, Carl Mäsak wrote:
Stephen (>):
Use of the gimel[1] character comes from Justin Simoni's logo design
proposal[2] from a while back, and the design is a reference to the
anarchist symbol[3].

It also looks like a reference to another programming language.


Lambda in a circle. We don't surround our letter with mathematical
symbols, but the similarity is still there.

// Carl

Exactly what I was thinking. It looks far too similar to the Haskell
logo, IMO. My first thought was 'that's a lambda'.

This is one of the problems with using a gimel (not that I'm saying we shouldn't). At least for most non-Hebrew-speaking folk, the symbol "gimel" is not taking up a large allographic space(?) in their heads. That's probably the wrong words, so I'll give an example. We recognise the letter "A" whether it's upper or lower case, but more particularly, whether it's plain, serifed, Blackletter, cursive, highly decorated, or whatever.


The letter Gimel, on the other hand, I could probably recognise if it were written in one of the script typefaces, but as soon as it deviates from the narrow range of what I'm used to as a "gimel", I immediately start thinking of it as a lambda, an 'A', or something else.

I also agree with not wanting to be associated with anarchists :), and suggest that it would be best to avoid both political and religious symbols, as politics and religion are the two subjects that were at one point in time banished from the dinner-table in genteel society as being too controversial.

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