Let me announce version 0.02 of the XL Perl 5 distribution (temporary
name, I hope :-)
for Linux that contains a full version of Perl 5.10.1, Padre 0.51 and
the Perl 6 plugin of Padre.

This is still very experimental of course.

You can download it from here:


tar xzf perl-5.10.1-xl-0.02.tar.gz


(Note, running the .sh file!)

In order to use the Perl 6 plugin you will have first enable it:
Plugins/Plugin Manager  - Select Perl 6 and click on Enable
Due to a bug you will have to restart Padre for this to take effect.

Then go to

Edit/Preferences/Files and Colors
Select Perl 6 as File type and Std.pm as Highlighter in order to get
syntax highlighting.

Enjoy and let me know about the issues you encounter or if you are
using it successfully.


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