For example, there is a basic script
and a module used by this script.
use v6;
need Hello;
my $h =;
use v6;

class Hello;

method hello ($a) {
    say 'Hello, ' ~ $a ~ '!';


If you compile to Hello.pir and remove,
PIR module does not load. Why?
[Perl6 2011.04, parrot 3.3.0]

Unable to find module 'Hello' in the @*INC directories.
(@*INC contains:

Also, if you look at the (pir) code for any compiled script,
it becomes clear that it uses some library called "perl6_ops".
Does this mean that the file can not be run on a machine
where you have installed parrot but have not installed perl6?

Also, I do not understand, is there a way to build a project
from a large number of classes and roles (that placed
in different files and folders) into a single executable
portable pbc-file.
This can be very useful for scripting in desktop applications.
I pinned my hopes on pbc_merge, but it seems compiled
modules do not work together.

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