Am 17.06.2011 11:40, schrieb Георгий Устинов:
If you compile to Hello.pir and remove,
PIR module does not load. Why?

Because .pm files are the authoritative source of information (for example regarding version information, but also regarding actual program code), and .pir files are just caches for that.

Also, if you look at the (pir) code for any compiled script,
it becomes clear that it uses some library called "perl6_ops".
Does this mean that the file can not be run on a machine
where you have installed parrot but have not installed perl6?

That is correct.
Just consider the case where your program calls the eval() function - it needs the full Perl 6 compiler available. So you need rakudo installed to run Perl 6 scripts.

Also, I do not understand, is there a way to build a project
from a large number of classes and roles (that placed
in different files and folders) into a single executable
portable pbc-file.

I don't think parrot supports merging of .so and .pbc files, which would be required for such a step. Essentially you'd have to create something like Par::Packer, which extracts various files from an archive and makes that available.

This can be very useful for scripting in desktop applications.
I pinned my hopes on pbc_merge, but it seems compiled
modules do not work together.

It would be useful, but I don't think it is as straight-forward as you hoped it would be.


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