I'm trying to write a small program in Perl 6, to generate an
executable framework from a heredoc. (There are other ways of
achieving the same effect, but it's an exercise.)

Problem #1. Trying to specify the heredoc in exactly the manner
specified by the synopsis does not work.

The code, (cut-and-pasted from the sysnopsis), and error message are
illustrated below:

$ cat colon
#! /home/guru/bin/perl6

my $amount = "\$100";
my $curtain = 3;

    print qq:to/END/;
        Give $amount to the man behind curtain number $curtain.
$ ./colon
Colons may not be used to delimit quoting constructs at line 6, near

Problem #2. Setting the permissions on the new file.

Chmod or an equivalent, (e.g. system) doesn't appear to be in the
synopses or the language. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

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