Marc (>):
> hello perl6 people,
> On
>     This is perl6 version 2012.09.1
>     built on parrot 4.6.0 revision 0
> When i try to run
>     use v6;
>     use Test;
>         s:g/T/U/;
>         is $_
>         , 'RNA';
>     }
> I get
>     Cannot assign to a non-container
>       in sub infix:<=> at src/gen/CORE.setting:11692
>       in block at /tmp/ZZZ:4
> As far as i understand from the doc, s:g/T/U/ is a valid syntax. any idea?

It's valid syntax. The error you're getting is not a syntax error;
it's a run-time error complaining about assigning to something that
isn't a container.

What you're assigning to is 'GATGGAACTTGACTACGTAAATT', a Str object.
That's a bit like trying to assign to the number 5. It should produce
an error, and it does. You need to put it into a variable, or an array
element, or a hash value -- in short, a "container" -- for it to work.
I think part of what felt confusing about this is that you did things
in a 'for' loop, so the assignment directly to a Str isn't that

By the way, that 'for' loop over a single element is usually spelled
'given' in Perl 6.

I would write your code like this:

use v6;
use Test;

    is $_,

// Carl

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