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TZ> On Fri, 30 Jul 2010 12:19:16 -0500 "Patrick R. Michaud" 
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PRM> I suspect something like CALLER::<$?FILE> and CALLER::<$?LINE>  might
PRM> eventually do what you want -- they would at least get to a unique
PRM> line within the calling.  CALLER:: and $?FILE and $?LINE are not
PRM> yet implemented in Rakudo, but I suspect the language specification
PRM> has sufficient features to eventually make a clean implementation a 
PRM> possibility.

TZ> (also suggested by Moritz with state variables as the real solution)

TZ> I could have used __LINE__ in Perl 5 as well but chose not to so
TZ> multiple calls to every() could be made on the same line.  I'd like to
TZ> provide the same functionality in Rakudo.  So state variables seem like
TZ> the easiest solution outside of the core and I can wait until they are
TZ> available.  If anyone thinks every() could go in the core or really
TZ> wants to see it ported sooner let me know :)

Are state variables available now, or is the every(N) functionality
possible in some other way now?


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