I am puzzled by this.

I have code like this:

my @files = dir("$.source_dir").map({ $_.basename });

for @files -> $tmpl {

        if $tmpl !~~ m/\.txt$/ {

            debug("Skipping '$tmpl' it does not end with .txt");



        debug("Source file $tmpl");


and sometimes(!) it skips when it encounters a file called   'perl6-zip.txt'
or a file called 'perl6-write-file.txt'

More specifically when I ran the above code (part of
https://github.com/szabgab/Perl6-Maven )

on https://github.com/szabgab/perl6maven.com on this commit:
  everything worked fine, but when I ran the same code on the next commit (
) then suddenly it started to skip those two files.

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