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> On 01/10/2015 08:39 PM, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> > Well, whatever it is, this means that the web application fills all
> > the memory and crashes every 30-40 requests.
> > Luckily there are not many people who read the site :)
> >
> > Gabor
> >
> >
> I'm expecting you're talking about
> https://github.com/szabgab/Perl6-Maven/
> Can you point me at the actual pieces of code where this problem appears?
> regards
>   - Timo

I have not analyzed that yet, I just noticed that if I run the application
then it eats up all
the memory quite quickly. So I wanted to write a small example that is
already doing it and
I started with that for-loop.

A step above that would be a simple script using Bailador:


If I launch that and reload it several times I can see how it is is using
more and more memory.
Each number pair is after on request:

2568884 117304   after launch
2577364 119972
2577620 121184
2577864 122924

It is not as bad as the full Perl6::Maven application which gives these
Each number pair is after a single request to the main page which generates
a few more
internal request, but this is one page-view:

2609444 160676   after launch
2649048 194048
2662828 203944
2674000 212256

but of course the Perl6::Maven site loads a JSON file on every request and
uses templates.


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