02.09.2015, 14:49, "Elizabeth Mattijsen" <l...@dijkmat.nl>:
>>   I think this is covered somewhere in RFC; perl6 repeatedly overwrites 
>> END{} block where last one references last %d definition (say %d.WHICH).
>>   perl5 on the other hand stays with first END{} block (say \%d).
>  A much shorter way, using Perl 6 features:
>    $ seq 3 | perl6 -e ‘lines.Set.keys.say’
>  lines() reads lazily from STDIN and chomps them
>  Set is a coercer that turns the input into a Set
>  then take the keys of the set and show them

Tnx, I hope there will be perl6 Cookbook available on Amazon with more of such 

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