My final answer for spam-folder-counting, p5 vs p6:

scan +spam|perl -naE '$d{$F[1]}++; END{say "$_: $d{$_}" for sort keys %d}'
scan +spam|perl6 -e "for{.words(2)[1]}).Bag.sort {.fmt('%s:%d').say}"

On the surface, very different ways of going about it. Under the hood,
p6's Bag constructor replicates p5's "$d{$F[1]}++" and p6's lazy
"lines", "map" means we can avoid "-n" yet still not need to slurp in
the input all at once. Subjectively, they're both appealing to me in
their simplicity & expressiveness.

(I'd still like to see the "-a" autosplit (auto-comb?) option for p6


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