For *nix, don't use a suffix. #! does the job.

For Windows, you'll want to leave .pl and .pm for Perl 5.

On 1/12/16, Tom Browder <> wrote:
> In Perl 5 it seems the prevailing convention (in my experience) is to
> use ".pl" for Perl programs and ".pm" as file suffixes for Perl
> modules.
> In Perl 6 I have seen in the various repos, blogs, and doc both ".pl",
> ".p6", and ".pl6" for programs and both ".pm" and ".pm6" for modules.
> Is there any consensus or preferred set of file extensions for Perl 6
> in use among the heavy-hitter developers?
> I try not to be overly concerned about such matters, but consistency
> does help IMHO, and I would like to use community best practices when
> I can
> Thanks.
> Best regards,
> -Tom

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