But I don't know why they still suggest to use any specific suffix. It's of now interest or value to the user in which language the program is written.


Looking at the documentation, http://doc.perl6.org/language/modules
see "Basic structure".

On 1/12/16, Parrot Raiser <1parr...@gmail.com> wrote:
For *nix, don't use a suffix. #! does the job.

For Windows, you'll want to leave .pl and .pm for Perl 5.

On 1/12/16, Tom Browder <tom.brow...@gmail.com> wrote:
In Perl 5 it seems the prevailing convention (in my experience) is to
use ".pl" for Perl programs and ".pm" as file suffixes for Perl

In Perl 6 I have seen in the various repos, blogs, and doc both ".pl",
".p6", and ".pl6" for programs and both ".pm" and ".pm6" for modules.

Is there any consensus or preferred set of file extensions for Perl 6
in use among the heavy-hitter developers?

I try not to be overly concerned about such matters, but consistency
does help IMHO, and I would like to use community best practices when
I can


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