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> On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 3:05 PM, Kaare Rasmussen <ka...@jasonic.dk> wrote:
>> sub poll(CArray[Pollfd], uint64, uint32) returns int32 is native { * }
> This, unfortunately, means an array of pointers to Pollfd structs, not an
> array of Pollfd structs. NativeCall doesn't support the latter currently,
> as I understand it.

In fact, this is currently being discussed in IRC:

[30 23:47] <timotimo> ah, yes, CArray of CStruct is an array of pointers to
[30 23:47] <timotimo>
 -  check these lines
[30 23:48] <sortiz> zwu, If you need to pass an inline array of CStructs to
C you can use NativeHelpers::CStruct, from NativeHelpers::Blob.
[30 23:48] <timotimo> nice
[30 23:49] <sortiz> See:
[30 23:50] <timotimo> we might want to offer a deprecation cycle for CArray
of CStruct and ask users to use CArray[CPointer[type]] instead?

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