>> so I copied

>> to

>> and now it builds.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 12:15 PM, Tobias Leich <em...@froggs.de> wrote:

> Hi, if you let raukdo automatically rebuild nqp/moar, then you still were
> on an old revision of moarvm.
> This revision did not contain the latest patch.
Yeah, that's why I tried nuking it.  I'd noticed just re-running rakudobrew
build moar did check the repository but didn't rebuild.

> Please rebuild now, as I've updated the git revisions, so latest nqp and
> moarvm get build.
Thanks! I'll try at home tonight. I didn't see a "rakudobrew clean" option
- I first tried deleting (after the copy) the
hoping make would see it missing and rebuild. I then deleted the
install/bin/moar (noticing it was saying "found a install/bin/moar version
xx, using that) and re-re-ran rakudobuild and that one worked.



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