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> Largely because making it work in native perl 6 is not all that trivial;
> that oh so "simple" popup has a full featured, mature widget toolkit and
> graphics interface behind it, and uses, or at least makes available, quite
> a few complex parts from it.

Also: the obvious answer is "use NativeCall!". Unfortunately, NativeCall
has been demonstrating why nobody else does FFI that way: it works fine for
simple types, but as soon as you are working with structs or struct
pointers you need to translate C headers to Perl 6 `is repr('CStruct')`,
including dealing with alignment rules that are so hairy that everyone else
pushes that part to the C compiler to deal with (including h2xs in the perl
5 world) because only the C compiler can consistently get it right. gtk3 is
complex enough that I would expect very few parts of it to NativeCall very
well; anything else would require a *lot* of work (and $DEITY help you with
the TreeView and TreeModel stuff...).

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