bon jour Dominique,

I installed manually as explained on the rakudo website.

Earlier I tried using rakudobrew, before I learnt that that was actually discouraged,
despite comments in doc/perlintro.pdf. I think I made a full clean-up.

Incidentily, I have no trouble using ANSIColor. I just have trouble getting rakudo to debug some of my own modules.


Dominique Dumont schreef op 2017-03-16 16:21:
On Friday, 10 March 2017 21:47:13 CET Theo van den Heuvel wrote:
Strangely I do get messages like the following

+ EVAL_1 (1 - 1)

| =>


about some modules (even some I wrote myself),
but the interesting one is missing.

I guess that you've installed rakudo with Debian's rakudo package.

Terminal::ANSIColor module is part of rakudo-star which is not yet available
on Debian (or Ubuntu).


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