On 03/21/2017 08:10 AM, Parrot Raiser wrote:
"Premature optimisation is the root of many evils", or words to that
effect. (I forget who said it, but I think it was someone credible.)

Write your code as clearly and simply as you can, then see if it
performs adequately under load. If it does, you're finished.

If it doesn't, instrument and test, to find out where the program's
spending its time, and work on that. Rinse, (and if necessary,

I think it was back in the early days of Unix development that they
discovered simplicity, (plain text files, shell scripts rather than
binaries, &c.), used to save development time, performed perfectly
adequately in most parts of the system, and simplified maintenance.
That's in an OS. Baroque music is gorgeous, baroque code isn't.

Hi Parrot,

A great analysis.  Thank you!

I am after a better understand of what is going on under the
hood.  It doesn't help that I have coded a tiny bit in assembly
and a bunch in Modula 2.

That being said, I am not beyond torturing my CPU to make
the code easier for me to read.

An interesting aside, apparently there is a strong associating
with Classical Music and programmers.  I certainly am guilty
as charged, although I never could get into baroque music.
Sound too much like a cross between my wife's sewing machine
and an organ grinder, monkey and all.  But tastes vary.

If you like Baroque music, you may adore James Horner's
Pas De Deux (Dance for Two).  It is available over on you
tube.  Rips the heart right out of my chest.

Thank you for all the help!

Computers are like air conditioners.
They malfunction when you open windows

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