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On 25 July 2017 at 16:23, Darren Duncan <dar...@darrenduncan.net> wrote:
There's a key difference however.

While programming languages continue to evolve, the expectation is that a
production-complete Rakudo would always be a functional superset (or equal
to) the Perl 6 language specification which is current at the time.

The Perl 6 language specification is the test suite. So if the test
suite passes then it's complete! Which is of course a tautology.

So by that definition, "complete" is that the arbitrary subset of the spec that an implementation chooses to do passes the tests for those parts, and the rest of the tests skip rather than fail.

So I think it is reasonable for Rakudo to actually implement ALL of 6.c
before too long, that it would catch up, and otherwise the intent is that
Rakudo would be leading on things that eventually become 6.d etc later.

Which missing parts are you concerned about?

I'm not personally concerned about any parts at this time.

It is ToddAndMargo that is concerned about it, who asked the question.

However I assume it is the 3 bullet points that the release announcement highlights: advanced macros, non-blocking I/O, bits of Synopsis 9 and 11. The fact the announcement highlights these implies they are part of the creators' definition of "complete".

-- Darren Duncan

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