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> On 08/19/2017 09:51 PM, Brandon Allbery wrote:
>> I think you only want :starttls. :ssl tells it to expect a socket that
>> immediately negotiates SSL; the error suggests the mail server doesn't.
>> (Note that, because SSL is negotiated immediately, it must use different
>> ports; in general, a mail server that supports SSL uses port 465 instead of
>> 25, because it can't do SSL and non-SSL on the same port.)
>> Also, SSL as such isn't used that much beyond HTTPS. Modern mail servers
>> are more likely to use negotiated encryption (STARTTLS) instead. So just
>> :starttls and not :ssl.
> If I remove the :ssl and leave :starttls, it just hangs

Are you sure this server supports STARTTLS?
And if it really is SSL only then it probably doesn't *also* do
STARTTLS¸which is a newer protocol.

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