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    This guy maybe?


    I can't tell what he is saying.

    And his example wont read a carriage return

That's very low level. And it's disabling icrnl, so a carriage return is exactly that. \r not \n. (Same for output, it disables onlcr so \n moves down a line without moving the cursor back to the left; you have to output the \r yourself if you want it.)

There is no exact high level replacement for that perl 5 module *yet*. There's work on a branch of https://github.com/ab5tract/terminal-print for this, that I think hasn't been merged yet, much less released.

There is also a higher level gotcha: IIRC the read routine in rakudo wants to read an extra character to make sure it's got a full Unicode character. (Although arguably it should not in this case because there's an easy way to know if you need another character or not.) But even then, probably for single character input you want to set binary mode on $*IN.

How do I set $*IN to binary mode?

What I am after is the dump anything in the keyboard buffer.
Then wait for a (any) response from the user.

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