On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Amin Mohadjer wrote:

> Has anyone tried converting from Zarnegar to Unicode or Windows 1252 with
> success?

Yes.  Many have tried.

> I searched on Google and could not find any such utility on the Web, I came
> across a few threads in FarsiWeb but nothing conclusive.

I know of three of four different tools developed for this task,
but all are home-brewn ones used for some local conversion only.

> Why is such an immensely useful utility not readily available? Is it too
> daunting a technical challenge or programmers in Iran are tending to more
> urgent tasks? I am curious to know.

The right question is why should it be available?  Two bodies I
can imagine should develop and publish such a tool:

  1. The ones that defined the format. (old SinaSoft).
  2. Volunteer programmers who most probably should have enough
reasons to do so.

So, either ask your Zarnegar's technival support staff for it, or
develop yourself.  (no don't ask for links, I would have said if
I was going to say).


> Amin
> Redmond, WA

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