On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Amin Mohadjer wrote:

> No, I don't.
> I expected to find it under "Tables" heading on http://www.farsiweb.info/
> but it's not there. There are Unicode mappings for iransystem, 2900, and
> farsitext but not for Zarnegar.

So you do not know the reason?  Because Zarnegar is niether an
standard, nor an open specification.

> Does anyone know if the manual for Zarnegar includes the characterset
> mapping(s) it uses?

The first problem here is that Zarnegar is not a text encoding
schema, but it's a complex file format.  Something like, say, MS
Word's "doc" format.

I say it again, ask SinaSoft for it.  They have released
converters, but not for free.  It's the users obvious right to be
able to convert old documents to new formats.  Just ask them to
free it up.


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