Hi all,

I don't have enough time to elaborate on this right now, but
better I tell it before I forget it ;).

To this date I and all people I know at FarsiWeb project used to
say hyphenation is not and should not be used in Persian text,
but after seeing some examples in some hardcopy books I came up
to the conclusion that hyphenation IS allowed in Persian:

Hyphenation can be used to break a word phrase across two lines
from the places that words have formed the phrase.  For example
something like "zedde-aab" can be hyphenated in between the two
parts.  In many cases it means when we use ZWNJ today, but not in
all cases (like "zedde-aab" example).  Note that affixes cannot
be hyphenated.

I really think we need a better character for sub-word boundaries
in Persian...

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