Ok, it wasn't really hard.  I left my office, walked downstairs
to Engineering and Computer Science Library in Department of
Computer Science in University of Toronto, looked on the shelf on
the left, and among other dictionaries was this Aryanpur

Keep in your mind that there is a six volume Aryanpur Dictionary
in Iran these days.  But this one is a single volume.  Here we

"The Concise English-Persian Dictionary"
by Abbas Aryanpur Kashani, LL.B., LL.M., LL.D.(Hon.)
and Manoochehr Aryanpur Kashani, M.A., Ph.D.

Amir Kabir Publishing Corp, Tehran - Iran (1988)


In the Name of Allah
The benefiecent, the Merciful


The first edition of this book was reprinted four times.  The
evolution of the Persian and English languages as well as our
awareness of the shortcomings of the first edition, promted us to
undertake a thorough revision of the book.  It is hoped that this
second edition, which incorporates all the important new Perian
and English words, will be of greater use to the reader.

                         Abbas & Manoochehr Aryanpur kashani
                                         Tehran, March 1978.

[Yes, it says 1978, while my copy is printed on 1988]

Then comes the Prologue which is not really relevent.  It's
signed by the same people, Tehran, January, 1975.

On the Persian side, you read:

"Farhang-e Feshorde Englisi be Farsi / Yekjeldi"
Doktor Abbas-e Arianpur kashani
Doktor Manoochehr Aryanpur kashani

Moallefan-e farhang-haaye Englisi-Farsi-e panj-jeldi va farhang-e
daneshgahi / baa tajdid-e nazar-e kaamel

Moasseseye Entesharate AmirKabir, Tehran, 1367

Then comes the credits to Dr Jahangir & Iraj Aryanpur Kashani,
Foroozande Mohtadi Haghighi, Nicole Brijanet Fazayeli, and Parviz

Aryanpur kashani, Abbas va Manoochehr
Farhange Feshordeye Englishi be Farsi (Yekjeldi)
Chappe avval: 1353 - Chappe chaharom: 1357 (ba tajdide nazare
kamel) - Chappe dahom: 1366 - Chappe yazdahom: 1366 - Chappe
davazdahom: 1367
Chap va sahafi: Chapkhaneye Sepehr, Tehran
Haghghe chaap mahfooz ast.
Te'dad: 33000 noskhe

And then comes the Persian translation of the "The Second
Edition" text, and later the "Prolouge".  Everything else is the
dictionary data and the legends.  So there is no copyright notice
other than "haghghe chap mahfooz ast".

The contents:

I checked these words and their meanings in both the Aryanpur
hardcopy and the online dictionary at
The match letter by letter in the meaning.  But the online
version lacks the grammatical information (noun, adjective, ...):

Farsi -> Oops, no match! :D
Persian lamb

Well, the first edition of this book would be 30 years old this
Nowruz.  But the authors have wrote the edition that I'm holding
in 1978, so the best you can get is that they have dead in 1978,
add 30, would give you that the dictionary would be covered under
the copyright law at least to 2008.

So my conclusions so far:

  * It is not explicitly prohibited to quote the dictionary.  (a
    web service is quoting the dictionary in my opinion)

  * Digital redistribution is not prohibited, as it the only way
    to redistribute a book has been "printing" when the book was

  * As a digital text merly is not subject to the copyright law,
    but the information in it is, then the person who has typed
    the dictionary in the form we have on the web today, is not
    holding any rights.

  * Massoud Hashemi is NOT the source of the data, neither the
    information, nor the digital version.  Mr Khanban (which I
    believe him) has witnessed the latter.

  * I really appreciate it if someone could do these:

    - Contact an Iranian lawyer, and discuss the situation.  The
      loophole here is that the book is so old that the only way
      to redistribute the information has been "printing" at that

    - Contact the copyright holders and discuss the situation.

    - Somehow *verifies* that the data is from THIS version of
      the book.

Disclaimer:  I neither concluded you are allowed, nor disallowed
to provide the data as a service on web and/or redistribute it.

I think I have done my part for now.

Behdad Esfahbod
March 04th 2004
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