Hello All.
I install icu library from source "icu-3.2.tgz" as i read from readme.html file 
in source tree.
and i put this library in /usr/local/icu directory.( ./configure 

i use some unicode functions in my program like u_strcpy,u_strlen and ....
and compile the program :
gcc  -I /usr/local/icu/include/unicode -L /usr/local/icu/lib -licuio myprog.c 
-o myprog
its execute without any errors.

but when i execute the binary program :

this error appears:
error while loading shared libraries: libicuio.so.32: cannot open shared object 
file: No such file or directory

althout i see this library(libicuio.so.32) in the install directory.

although can help me?
what's my wrong?

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