On Thu, 21 Jul 2005, Sadegh Ismael Nattaj wrote:

> Thanks for your hints Dan,
> The problem is when I've trying to convert a RTL DocBook to the other
> formats with tools like OpenJade's scripts or RedHat's xmlto (possibly
> the last will fits on my needs, cause it's at least UTF-8 compatible!)
> the `dir' attributes are omitted (or disabled) in the published docs.

Apparently the XSLT stylesheet is dropping the dir attributes
away.  It should be quite easy to hack the XSLT to retain them.

> Maybe I can solve that problem by implementing a RTL-based CSS to HTML
> files, but in the case of PDF or PS files we can't make this patch-like
> changes to published doc.

I have no idea what engine they are using to produce PS or PDF.
No matter which, it should be pretty hard at this time to support
RTL in PS or PDF.  Your only bet is that they use Omega, then
there are hacks around that you can use.

> Now, I'm pleased to announce a suggestion to completing the support for
> RTL subscripts in that tools (and of course, this is true when my guess
> about missing supports for RTL will be correct).

Thanks for your announcement, but if you need something, start
doing it yourself.  Or file a feature request with the
maintainers of the respective tools.  See here for an



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