Hi all,

Today the site at http://dat.ir/ was brought to my attention.
It was some good stuff like a complete annotated Iranian calendar
(Persian, Islamic, and Gregorian).  I'm intersted in knowing how
accurate their calendar data is.  Any information in that regard
would be helful, since:

In case you have not seen it before, I have put up a proto
calendar widget here:


(Alternatively for a limited time period the URL
http://iraniancalendar.info/ should work too.  If I see enough
interest, I may renew that URL for next year.)  The Islamic
calendar in my implementation is not in synch with the Iranian
practice and needs some work.  Any help in that area is
appreciated.  The source code is available at:


I've also made a simple JavaScript editor using the latest
version of the JavaScript keyboard driver that Pooya Karimian,
Behnam, and I worked on here:


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