On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, Connie Bobroff wrote:

> In case you need ideas for future enhancements, please consider putting
> an apostrophe checker which will search out unescaped apostrophes in the 
> content
> and add the extra slash before them however leave the apostrophes that are 
> part
> of the js code alone. This apostrophe problem is already a
> big enough headache in javascript but in Persian where we transliterate hamze
> with apostrophe it is that much worse.  Note, I am shamelessly suggesting the
> enhancement without even first having tried out your new editor :)

Not quite what you asked for, but I added a fewture to convert
HTML special characters (<>'"&) to entity form and back, so you
can escape a bare Persian text and insert it into HTML or

> -Connie

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