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Hello -  the pestlist is changing. I am changing it now (4:00pm est) it may
take a few hours to finish changing.



1.      Send emails to
<>  NOT
2.      When you reply to an email hit REPLY ALL not just reply.
3.      If you have a mail rule or filter set you may need to update it.





In recent years the amount of bouncing and rejecting of emails sent to the
pestlist has increased. This has mostly been due to increased spam filtering
and malware checking.


Over the past months I have been looking at other systems we could use to
continue the list as close as possible to it's existing process but with
fewer problems. I have decided to move the list to Google Groups.


I will be moving it today. 


There are three changes you should be aware of - first, the new email
address will be


Second - when you receive a message or question from the list and you want
to reply with a comment or answer you must hit REPLY ALL for it to go to the
whole list. If you just hit reply it will only go back to the person that
originated the question. Although this isn't terrible it has probably helped
many to be able to see a question and answer to increase their knowledge in
identifying pests and general how to information.


Third - if you have any mail filters that redirect your pestlist email to a
particular folder or location you may have to change how that rule works.
The subject line may look a little different than it has in the soon to be


I will put something up that will remind you of the new address if you do
forget and send to the soon to be old address
<> .


Leon .


Leon Zak <> <> 

"Every day starts with one good thing - you know how your life is going so


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