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Hello lists (crossposting with OSG and Pests),
Thank you all for your help and advice in designing an anoxic system. I was
able to order the RP-K oxygen scavengers direct from Mitsubishi and since
there were none in stock in all of North America they shipped them all the
way from Tokyo. My RH is holding at 45%, which is good. Also, a very
generous colleague has lent us an oxygen detecting system.

I am writing now to ask if anyone - particularly perhaps the bug experts on
the Pest list - can tell me about the life cycle of the Anobiidae family,
and if there is any wiggle room on the 21-day recommendation for anoxic
treatment. The shipment from Japan set us back a few days and we will hit
the 21-day mark exactly one day after the show opens. What kind of risk are
we looking at if we choose to take them out after 20 days?


Nicole Grabow

Senior Objects Conservator and Preservation Conservator

Midwest Art Conservation Center

2400 Third Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55404


*The Midwest Art Conservation Center is a non-profit regional center for
the preservation and conservation of art and artifacts providing treatment,
education, and training for museums, historical societies, libraries, other
cultural institutions as well as public and private clients.*

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