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>> Hi
>> I am filling the local vector from dm , has a section layout. The thing
>> is I want to know how I can see the field variable values defined on edges,
>> the staggered grid. In fact, Whenever I output to VTK in preview, I would
>> be able to see the main grid. But the values which are defined on edges, I
>> could not see them and that makes me unsure about the way I fill the local
>> vector. How I would be babe to check the field value on staggered grid?
> VTK does not have a way to specify data on edges, only on cells or
> vertices.

This is not entirely true.

At least for a staggered grid, where you have one DOF per edge, you can
represent the edge data via the type VTK_VERTEX.
You won't generate a beautiful picture, as your field will be rendered as a
set of points (your edge faces) - but you can at least inspect the values
within ParaView.


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