You can do this directly in PETSc. Create a KSP object with PREONLY and 
PCCHOLESKY (or just a PC object). Then call KSPSetUp (or PCSetUp) and extract 
the factored matrix with PCFactorGetMatrix(). Then call MatGetInertia() on the 
factored matrix. Repeat this for each value of E.

I guess it can be even shorter if you call MatCholeskyFactor() directly.


> El 24 mar 2020, a las 11:07, Perceval Desforges 
> <> escribió:
> Dear petsc developers,
> I am interested in calculating the inertias of matrixes. Specifically, for a 
> certain matrix A, and for different real numbers E, I want to calculate the 
> inertias of (A - E * I), in order to get the number of eigenvalues less than 
> E. 
> In order to do this I have been setting up a slepc EPS object with spectrum 
> slicing, and using EPSKrylovSchurGetInertias. I realize this is a bit 
> convoluted, and was wondering if there is a better way to do this?
> Best regards,
> Perceval,
> P.S. my last email seems to not have been sent (I couldn't find it in the 
> archives) so I am trying again...

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