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> Note that I know PF reasonably well and have altq queuing / rate
> limiting working perfectly already in ONE direction (right now, the
> high-bandwidth download side) - I just can't figure out how to get it
> working in both directions, up and down, simultaneously.  I've beat my
> head against TFM and nothing seems applicable - though this can't be
> an uncommon need...?

Are you creating your in/out queues on a single interface?  If so, that might 
be your problem.

We have our box set up with both a "lan" interface and a "wan" interface.  The 
"outbound" queues are children of the "wan" interface, but the "inbound" queues 
are children of the "lan" interface.  The folklore you hear about "only being 
able to shape outbound traffic" is sort of true; you can only shape the packets 
as they leave the PF box.  However, as packets traverse your box, they come IN, 
get processed, and then go OUT to be delivered, so you always have the 
opportunity to shape them.  You just need to make sure you're doing it at the 
right end.

Essentially, for "inbound" traffic (from the internet to your lan), PF queues 
(and possibly drops) packets *just before* they would be delivered to your 
boxes on the inside.  It's a little tragic (as others have mentioned) since 
those packets have already consumed your DSL bandwidth only to be dropped, but 
it's necessary to force the congestion-control to slow the flow for future 

With a 2-interface 2-queue setup, we've been able to manage asymmetrical 
bandwidth amounts.  We now have a symmetric connection, but I know we had one 
working back when we were on a 16up/2down cable connection...


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